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halfrek2 in detox30

yay! and ugh! i am so confused.

brief update for those playing along. i was doing great this weekend. i really felt good and was handling the snide comments from family. yay! Friday i managed to pass off quinoa linguine with organic red sauce and fake meatballs. they scarfed it up and didnt say one word...they liked it. yeah i was a sneaky bitch. *eg*

Saturday we went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. they win at accepting my menu requests. i was able to get the cheese as well as the cream sauce removed from my meal. it was grilled "cajun" tilapia with steam vegs and rice medley. yum. :)

Sunday we went out to eat at Perkins. they are not as good at having a menu that someone on a restricted diet could eat. i didnt want to do fish again, so i opted for steam broccoli, carrots and a rice pilaf. it was meh! i managed but wasnt impressed.

today OTOH has sucked. i think i must have hit my wall. it could be that i have hit said wall with combined weird family sleep schedule. (went to bed at 11pm-ish. had trouble sleeping. got up to see off family member at 3am. went back to sleep. got up at 6am to drive a fam. member to school. came home. went back to sleep. woke up at 7:30am to wake another fam. member. went back to sleep and slept until 11am) i couldnt even manage to muster energy to work out today.

so add to that headache, tired and of course when tired you cannot seem to eat enough to feel satisfied. thankfully i am eating mostly veggies and not cookies. dinner tonight was meh! as well. leftover stirfry tofu, veggies and rice noodles. i tried some grain medley thing. it was not cutting it. not sure what the issue was for me. it tasted good but was not satisfying something.

okay that is all the whining. some more yay! stuff.

rice cakes with veggie cheese melted in the microwave. YUMMY! i love cheese toast or cheese bread. it is a nice snack and doesnt make me think "oooh fake cheese". just thought i would end on a positive note. :)

FTR, spell check doesnt like quinoa, veggies, or tilapia. it is apparently not detox friendly or something. *g*


Yesterday was one of those days for me today as well. I think because I didn't eat much Sunday (wasn't hungry), it caught up with me. I just couldn't seem to get full. I exausted my snacks (Mary's Gone/hummus and an apple/berries) by about 2pm and just lived with it after that. Just one of those hungry days I guess, but I can already tell today's going to be better.
yeah, i guess we all have days like that. my day is going better as well. yay!
Maybe try a handful of nuts? It sounds like you're eating very low quantities of fat, so maybe some solid fatty nuts will help with the satiation?
that could be the issue. thanks! i was eating a bit of sunflower seeds but i don't think they have as much fat. never thought that the lack of fat would do that. OTOH it just goes to show you how much fat i must have been taking in for my body to revolt on me when it was removed. LOL
Today was my first day. I didn't notice anything significant (no headache) other than my body reacting to drinking all that water. By dinner time, I was thinking about how good fast food sounded, but I stayed strong. I think that is where my body will revolt--lack of fast food.

I did feel healthier today though. Even though it's in my mind, that was a good feeling.

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