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austin154 in detox30

Starting Monday - and where do I buy Milk Thistle?

I am so glad to hear a few of you weren't able to start today.  I am getting inspired by those that were able to, but Monday is going to be the first day for me.  I figure that ya'll will be feeling great about the time I hit day 4 and want to quit.  

The other thing:  Do they sell milk thistle in the vitamin section of major grocery stores or do I need to look for it a natural foods store?  My local grocery didn't have it on the shelf, so I thought maybe those that were using it instead of the lemon would know.  I think I have all the other things I will need.

BTW, the Mary's Gone Crackers?  Seriously good.  Seriously.  I tried the caraway flavor and have been snacking on those even though I'm not technically detoxing yet. 


I'm starting Monday too! I wanted to start this week but am finding it harder to give up things like cigarettes so quickly. We'll have crappy day 4s together! :)
I quit cigarettes in January and still want them. The urge really is less now though. Here is looking forward to our day 4! :)
i kind of gave up on the idea....oh dear. i'll probably leave this group too.

giving up cigarettes + drugs + drinking + junk food. it's all too much.

- the failure

good luck though! i beeelieve in you!
I haven't been able to find these yet, but I love the soy crisps I found. Addictive.
i, too, seem to be out of luck with the Mary's crackers. :( i didnt find the soy crisps either. i must look again next week.
I ended up having to buy them in bulk on the net. My local store is just not going to carry them. Luckily, I like them, so they will just be my snack of choice for awhile.
Oh and I found the milk thistle with the vitamins at Walgreens.

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