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The Detox.

(It's only for 30 days.)

Detoxing for a brighter tomorrow. Or something.
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A community for all those interested in detoxing to share recipes, support one another, and exxagerate their caffeine withdrawal stories.

These items cannot be consumed during the detox:

1) Caffeine.

2) Coffee, black or red tea, sodas of any kind.

3) Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

4) Dairy.

5) Eggs.

6) Meat, except for certain kinds of fish (consumed sparingly).

7) Wheat, yeast and gluten products.

8) Booze. Just say no, kids.

9) Tobacco/Nicotine.

10) Drugs of a non-pharmaceutical nature. There's no hope with dope!

Oh, calm a llama down. It's only for a month.