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opium_and_tea by miints

opium_and_tea in detox30

Ok, day 14 and I think this is it for me. Going through a rough patch at the moment and it's just becoming to difficult (and expensive) for me to keep up with this.

And I think I must be doing something wrong, missing out on some nutrient somewhere, as I'm feeling constantly tired.

I'm glad I did this though. I've managed to lose about 15lbs in 2 wk (even my clueless boss noticed!) and I think I'm going to join Weight Watchers in the next week or two and keep going on that track.

I'll still be following along with the rest of y'all though.


I'm on day 13 and am having doubts as well. I'm definitely missing something, and I'm always tired and everything has started to taste funny. I don't have a scale so I don't know if I lost any weight but somehow I don't think so. good for you, though :) I am jealous. *sigh* I wish I would just stop. I can't seem to do it though. I keep thinking "one more day and something will be better..."
you beat me to this post. today i decided to just give up too. i feel pretty good but havent really lost much weight but i assign that to being a bit older than most of you all...at least i think so. suffice to say metabolism sucks as you age. :P anyway, i have decided to stick with the veggie aspects and just try to eat healthier. i did some researching for this diet and it seems that the jury is out and cant decide which standards to have for this one. meh! that doesnt really instill confidence in me.

i had a lovely chat with a long time friend of mine, who is a long time vegetarian. it was very helpful as it seems i was not eating ENOUGH food, esp. protein. will see how this goes as far as being veggie.

good luck with WW. i did really well with them in the past and hope to get back into a modified version of the points system combined with being veggie. :)
I gave up as well. I don't know why it was so much harder for me this time around - when i did it the first time, it was cake. But I'm going to try to modify it slightly (well, i have already) and make a ~*~lifestyle change~*~

We all suck equally! YAY!

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