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May. 22nd, 2007

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Ok, day 14 and I think this is it for me. Going through a rough patch at the moment and it's just becoming to difficult (and expensive) for me to keep up with this.

And I think I must be doing something wrong, missing out on some nutrient somewhere, as I'm feeling constantly tired.

I'm glad I did this though. I've managed to lose about 15lbs in 2 wk (even my clueless boss noticed!) and I think I'm going to join Weight Watchers in the next week or two and keep going on that track.

I'll still be following along with the rest of y'all though.

May. 17th, 2007

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Progress report


1.) Which Day is this for you?
2. ) How are you feeling?

1. This is day 3 for me.  I was behind the start by about 4 days.  I feel good, but there is a slight dull headache.  Also, I felt a little light-headed/high this morning.  Nothing significant or worrisome, just a different feeling.  Today, just for kicks I tried the limes instead of the lemon in the water.  Either one has been tolerable. 

Just checking with you all to see how you are doing and where you are at with your progress.

May. 14th, 2007



yay! and ugh! i am so confused.

brief update for those playing along. i was doing great this weekend. i really felt good and was handling the snide comments from family. yay! Friday i managed to pass off quinoa linguine with organic red sauce and fake meatballs. they scarfed it up and didnt say one word...they liked it. yeah i was a sneaky bitch. *eg*

Saturday we went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. they win at accepting my menu requests. i was able to get the cheese as well as the cream sauce removed from my meal. it was grilled "cajun" tilapia with steam vegs and rice medley. yum. :)

Sunday we went out to eat at Perkins. they are not as good at having a menu that someone on a restricted diet could eat. i didnt want to do fish again, so i opted for steam broccoli, carrots and a rice pilaf. it was meh! i managed but wasnt impressed.

today OTOH has sucked. i think i must have hit my wall. it could be that i have hit said wall with combined weird family sleep schedule. (went to bed at 11pm-ish. had trouble sleeping. got up to see off family member at 3am. went back to sleep. got up at 6am to drive a fam. member to school. came home. went back to sleep. woke up at 7:30am to wake another fam. member. went back to sleep and slept until 11am) i couldnt even manage to muster energy to work out today.

so add to that headache, tired and of course when tired you cannot seem to eat enough to feel satisfied. thankfully i am eating mostly veggies and not cookies. dinner tonight was meh! as well. leftover stirfry tofu, veggies and rice noodles. i tried some grain medley thing. it was not cutting it. not sure what the issue was for me. it tasted good but was not satisfying something.

okay that is all the whining. some more yay! stuff.

rice cakes with veggie cheese melted in the microwave. YUMMY! i love cheese toast or cheese bread. it is a nice snack and doesnt make me think "oooh fake cheese". just thought i would end on a positive note. :)

FTR, spell check doesnt like quinoa, veggies, or tilapia. it is apparently not detox friendly or something. *g*

May. 11th, 2007

opium_and_tea by miints


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Just a day 3 update. Slightly headache-y. Maybe a bit moody, but overall I'm feeling alright. Planning on making the vegan lasagna and 32 bean chili (32 beans - duh - and dried veggies) this weekend to get me through this next week.

And I learned something new today - not all green tea is decaf! A rep bought us Starbucks today and ordered plain green tea before looking at their website and seeing that it's caffeinated. But Starbucks has won me for the day! I called them and explained that someone had bought me the drink and I couldn't have caffeine and they replaced it with decaf herbal tea for free. :D

May. 10th, 2007

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Starting Monday - and where do I buy Milk Thistle?

I am so glad to hear a few of you weren't able to start today.  I am getting inspired by those that were able to, but Monday is going to be the first day for me.  I figure that ya'll will be feeling great about the time I hit day 4 and want to quit.  

The other thing:  Do they sell milk thistle in the vitamin section of major grocery stores or do I need to look for it a natural foods store?  My local grocery didn't have it on the shelf, so I thought maybe those that were using it instead of the lemon would know.  I think I have all the other things I will need.

BTW, the Mary's Gone Crackers?  Seriously good.  Seriously.  I tried the caraway flavor and have been snacking on those even though I'm not technically detoxing yet. 


Starting Over

So, yeah, I know it's only been a day, but I'm going to have to start again tomorrow. I finally hit the grocery store this evening, and even then I wasn't sure what to get. I bought some soy cheese, brown rice, wild rice, crackers (have to double-check on those) and "soy crisps" that I believe are all right. But by then, I was too hungry to actually prepare anything. So, tomorrow, though dinner is going to be my once a week cheating meal. And then, on Sunday, I have to go out for Mother's Day lunch? Recommendations for fish for a non-fish lover? And is anybody else getting grief (yeah, I know, already) for doing this from their family?
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Quinoa Recipes

here are quite a few. keep in mind that these are regular recipes so i have added the substitutions into them. i have not tried them but they sound yummy. either that or i am very hungry at the moment...dinner is soon. ;)

Recipes behind the cut Read more...Collapse )

bon apetite

i did find a couple more recipes if you all are interested. i can add to this post. they are for Quinoa Super Salad, Lasagnequinoa, and Quinoa Pilaf.

May. 9th, 2007

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not as hard as i thought

after a trip to 3 different stores, i think i have amassed enough food to get started. i had a lovely time reading labels and was shocked to find stuff in products i thought were "safe". oh well. who knew that veggie products have wheat in them?

i am going to try to do my best with this but have limited myself to just giving up wheat gluten instead of wheat in general. yeah i know. that is cheating but the Kashi cereals, even Go Lean Crunch have forms of wheat in it. *sigh*

i am doing away with dairy, meat and the rest of the no nos...well except for one cup of black tea a day. again, i know. i suck b/c i am modifying this. i alsojust realized that i forgot to buy the lemons/limes for the water morning thing. oops.

the girl has joined me in this and is thrilled b/c she has always wanted to be all veggie and stuff. though she refuses to give up milk to drink. LOL we will see how long that lasts. ;)

that is about it. today so far, i have had 1 c. Kashi Go Lean crunch w/ 1/2c. soy milk. 1 veggie wrap (whole grain torilla, veggie cream cheese, slices of pepperjack veggie cheese, assorted greens, mixed sprouts, red pepper, tomato and mushrooms), one black tea plain and a bunch of water. dinner may be assorted veggies and couscous. we will see. i am seriously not getting hungry which i guess is a good thing. :)
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Okay, I'm really going to try to recreate some, but it's hard! I just throw shit in a pot! My mom always says I'm just like my grandmother, and completely annoying in that regard, neither of us used recipes or write anything down, and when she died, she left my mom in despair of ever replicating the things she made.

But anyway.


holy shit, guys, I didn't know vegan lasagna could be this good. I mean, vegan lasagna! (not only that, detox-friendly vegan lasagna! No real pasta and no cheese? what's left?!)


1-2 boxes of rice pasta lasagna (there's a great product whose name escapes me - it comes in a blue box, and it's no-cook! which seriously makes this lasagna the easiest thing you'll ever make)

tomato sauce (you can make your own, with whole tomatoes, spices, veggies-at-will, or you can be a lazy sod, like I usually am, and go to your grocery store. There's an entire range of organic pasta sauce, just make sure you check the label and find one that's sugar-free.

soy mozarella- two packs, shredded

Firm tofu

Olive oil

lemon juice

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees (medium-high on a gas oven).

Step One: In a blender, pulse one-half of a package of firm tofu, 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/8 cup of lemon juice until combined. Don't overblend it, because you want it to be a bit chunky (this is your "ricotta cheese"). You may want to add a bit more lemon juice to taste, it's personal preference. You don't want it overtly lemony, though.

Step Two: Layer the NO-COOK, RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX lasagna pasta on the bottom of a casserole dish. (Seriously, this is how lazy I am? I use foil pans that you throw away afterwards.)

Step Three: Spread a bit of your tofu mixture on top of the dry noodles.

Step four: top that with some tomato sauce. Now, because I use the no-cook noodles, I put on more sauce than I would normally, like, almost a cup, because the noodles use the liquid of the sauce to become soft. If you're using cooked noodles, you obviously would not want as much sauce, lest your lasagna become a soupy mess.

Step Five: Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as the depth of your casserole dish will allow.

Step 6: Top with shredded soy mozzarella.

Step 7: Cook! I usually test mine after about 30 minutes, although it usually takes about 45 min to cook through. Usually the test is whether the cheese has browned on top, but soy mozarella doesn't really brown that well, so I wouldn't go by that.

Step 8: Let sit for about 15 minutes, to firm up. Enjoy!

Quinoa with mushrooms and garlic





olive oil

spices of varying nature (I use Provincial blend, it's thyme, rosemary, lavendar and other yummy french spices)

pepper to taste

Step One: In a medium saucepan over medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Sautee sliced mushrooms and whole garlic cloves for about 8 minutes.

Step Two: Combine 1 cup of dry quinoa, 2 cups of water, and as much or as little spices as you desire. (I use a tablespoon and a half, but I like flavor.)

Step Three: Bring to a boil. Once it has reached boiling point, reduce to a simmer and cover.

Step Four: Allow quinoa to simmer about 20 minutes (more if the water has not been fully absorbed).

Step Five: Turn off the heat, fluff with fork, let sit for about 10 minutes.

holy crapballs!


Some things to consider

Enjoying your last day of fun and friviolty? Yeah, suck it up!

I know I promised recipes, however, the thing is . . . I don't use recipes. i just, you know, cook. However, I'm going to endeavor to try to write them down. I dunno! It's hard!

But here are awesome detox-friendly products for you to eat!

Mary's Gone Crackers

Y'all, Mary's Gone Crackers are the shit. I eat them not on detox, they are so fucking yummy. Light and crispy! Slap some all-natural, tasty hummus on those? Instant snacktime fun.


There are 400 different kinds of hummus, and you can find it anywhere (or make it yourself - 2 cups of chickpeas, maybe a quarter cup of olive oil, spices, lemon juice. Garlic, chives, onions or peppers at will. blender.). Hummus is detox-friendly, contains the best kind of oil (olive, which has the best ratio of good fat to bad) and is freaking tasty business. If you're lucky enough to find a place that carries this brand, check out 40-spice hummus. Holy crapballs.

Rice Pasta

Rice pasta is not that bad, actually. Now, that may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but remember that I studied Italian in school specifically so that I could better investigate the history of pasta. I love pasta. So when I say it's not bad, I mean just that. Is it as good as handmade pasta fresh from being rolled and cut? No. But it's not bad. The one thing you'll want to look out for is cooking times - don't leave the pasta on to boil and then go check your email. 6, 7 minutes TOPS. After that, and because it's made of rice, it'll start to fall apart quickly due to the water.

Soy Cheese

Again, actually . . . not that bad. And we all know how I feel about cheese. I wouldn't suggest eating it plain in a sandwich or something, but cooked, it's actually pretty good. Or at least deceptively cheese-like. You can find it in your local grocer's vegetarian or organic section - it's meltable, slicable, shreddable, etc.


Might as well just get used to it now. Again, tofu can be deceptively good. I don't eat, like, tofu steaks, but when you cut it fine, it's actually really good, I think. And I went into detox hating the very idea of tofu. At any rate, use firm tofu for meat substitutions, in vegan lasagna (recipe to follow), etc. Silken tofu is quite good in soups (I have a good recipe for a creamy corn chowder made from soy milk and silken tofu which is actually quite yummy; I'm just trying to find it.) and smoothies (although I use soy protein powder in my smoothies. But if you like creamy smoothies, then you can use silken tofu to replace the frozen yogurt).

Soy Milk or Rice Milk

Be careful that your milk doesn't have added sugar! Some of the flavored milks do. I don't personally like rice milk- I think it's really thin and watery (of course, I only drink whole milk, so I think that of 2% and skim too. So if you're a fan of 2%, etc, you might be quite at home with rice milk.), but I was surprised at how much I liked soy, actually. You can't tell the difference at all with cooking, and I even liked it on cereal and stuff. So you may want to try both and see.


Seriously, get in touch with your love for produce. It's the beginning of summer! The best time for produce! (ha, you should have done this in January! although, I live in Texas, so it wasn't really that bad) The old adage proves true - embrace the rainbow. The darker the veggie, the better. Steam them, grill them, eat them raw - the more veggies, the better. Try to limit yourself to only 2 (maybe 3, if you count some juice) servings of fruit. It's delish, but high in sugars, and can lead your blood sugar to do wonky things. (Also try to limit regular, i.e. white or red, potatoes and other high-starch veggies. sweet potatoes are acceptable, though.)


I really don't know what I did before quinoa. That shit is TASTY BUSINESS. Quinoa is a seed (most people think it's a grain) that, when cooked, expands a bit and looks a little like couscous. It's really yummy, and I'll share with you my favorite way of having it. But, basically, cook it like you would rice - 1 part quinoa to 2 part water, bring to a bit of a boil, then reduce to a simmer and let it sit for about 20 minutes, or until the water's been absorbed. It's a really good side dish, and it's super easy to make.

Basmati and brown rice

Are the kinds of rice you can have. Basmati is yumtastic, I think it's better than regular rice anyways. It's less starchy. If you usually put gravy or butter on your rice and can't stand having it "plain," try putting some lemon juice on it. I thought it was quite tasty!

Salad Dressings . . .

JUST SAY NO. Seriously, not even the low-fat ones. Check the back label. Sugar galore, non? Try these two:

Lemon-Olive Oil Dressing:

1 part olive oil
2 parts lemon juice
a hint of black pepper

Balsamic Vinagarette:

1 part olive oil
2 parts balsamic vinegar

Seriously, you don't need heavy dressings on your salad anyway. It's gross.

Nuts and seeds

Be careful how much you eat. Peanuts are really high in fat. Pumpkin seeds are really good! And pistachios (high in fat, but the good kind)! Flaxseed is great, almonds are excellent for you. Look around. Experiment. And for heaven's sake, don't go salting your nuts to death. They don't need salt!


Don't gorge yourself on fish just cause you can. Limit yourself to once or twice a week (do have some, though. animal protein is good for you! really!). I prefer salmon, but any fish high in omega-3 will do. Shellfish is also good, and low in fat! Unfortunately, it's May, so some of your fish options will be limited. DON'T EAT OYSTERS! And be careful of sushi. As the water warms, the chance of bacteria is higher.

ALSO! Invest in these:

1) a daily multi-vitamin. You need this anyway.
2) milk thistle - aids in detox, and cleans out liver enzymes.
3) choline - breaks down fat and also aids in liver cleanup.

The liver is where you store all your toxins. Occassionally, your liver will rebel against this abuse, and leak these toxins to your blood. This results in the following: alcohol poisoning, hangovers, fatigue, sickness, blood poisoning, headaches, stomach cramps. Not fun things! So cleaning out your liver is very, very important. Plus, when you have a clean liver, you are able to better prevent getting sick in other ways, because your liver is your first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and other fun nasties which try to crawl into your body.

Also, invest in either a water filter or one of those big litre water bottles (they look like mini-gallon jugs). Or both. 8-10 glasses of water a day - that's the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS WHOLE THING.

Also! (I keep thinking of things to add.) Fruit juice. I know, I know, fruit juice (and smoothies) are awesome. But you have to be careful, because, with fruit juice, you're getting ALL of the sugar from the fruit, and none of the yummy vitamins and minerals. Plus, in order to make the juice, several whole fruits have to be used, so, for example, one cup of apple juice is equal to the sugar of about five apples. So just be aware of how much you consume, and try not to have more than 8oz of fruit juice a day.

Veggie juice, on the other hand? Load up.